Visualization of Milonga de mis amores (Sort of)

After posting Visualizing Music earlier today I spent a couple of hours with Stephen Malinowski’s free 2006 Music Animation Machine software. I played with it a little in the past. This old version produces an animation which is very, very basic compared to the visualizations Malinowski is producing now. Nevertheless, I thought I’d see what the software does with the piano sheet music I’ve entered into Noteflight, the scores I use for the music/audio syncs. I tried a few and decided to go with Milonga de mis amores for this post.

How it works. I saved the piano music as a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file. That’s an option Noteflight provides, thankfully. Then I ran it through Malinowski’s program, which does not save the result as a video file. I used video capture software to record the “Music Animation” as it ran in real time in a window on my computer, then saved the capture in a video file.

The result is interesting, and I enjoy it. But it is nowhere near the beautiful and detailed visualization seen in Malinowski’s current work. Not to mention, of course, the music is a simplified piano score and not Pedro Laurenz. (I syncd this score with Laurenz’s recording, here, with some commentary on the form and character.)

Anyway, here’s the Music Animation. Click anywhere in the window to play/pause it. (The video is a screen capture: the menu items are images only, not active.)

And now I’m off to a milonga. Hope the DJ plays Milonga de mis amores!



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4 Responses to Visualization of Milonga de mis amores (Sort of)

  1. Grit ty says:

    I found this really interesting – the visualisation helped me a lot when listening to the music. Many of the points you’ve made on earlier posts just made MORE sense. Thank you for this.

  2. LadyLeader says:

    I love to watch Malinowski’s animations because they are beautiful, but also because there I can se what may brain can´t hear yet. It ibecame very clear!
    I have been longing to se some tango – I am greatful for your job!

    • tangomonkey says:

      Glad you like it. It doesn’t take long to make the video and upload it, using the sheet music I have available on the site. I will post some more “visualizations” soon.

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