Visualization of Malena Sheet Music

I wrote a bit about Malena and syncd. the sheet music and Demare’s 1942 recording, here. In 1957 Demare recorded a solo piano album, and Malena is on it. There is a Youtube embed of the recording, following the visualization.

The visualization’s is A-B-A-B-A. Notice how clearly the recurring rhythmic patterns I described in Melodic Rhythm: Repetition in Demare’s “Malena” appear in the melodic line. In the A sections.

Click anywhere in the window to play/pause the video. (The video is a screen capture: the controls and menu items are images and are not active.)

Demare, solo piano version, 1957:


How the music is organized, structured; the number of sections and the way they  are constructed, the number of bars and phrases in each, and the order they are performed. more...

Composers/arrangers make a very conscious decision regarding form. The order sections are heard greatly effects our sensations and responses as listeners and dancers.

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