Visualization of El Choclo Sheet Music

Another “Visualization”, El Choclo.

As usual, the music is a simplified piano score and not the music as played by the s. Melodic direction and duration will be mostly correct; the accompaniment much less so. Nevertheless, it is interesting to hear and “see” the sounds.

The score and some information about El Choclo is available, here. There are several music/audio syncs on the site, with some general remarks about the playing: Maglio, Firpo, Di Sarli, D’Arienzo. Maglio, being the oldest version (1910s) comes closest to the repeated rhythm in the bass line.

The video follows the form as recorded by Di Sarli: A-B-A-C-A. (Rondo form – explained in the Di Sarli sync.) Click anywhere in the window to play/pause the video. (It is a screen capture: the menu items are images only, not active.)

An orquesta típica is an ensemble of musicians who play tango music. Typically,  there is a string section, a bandoeon section, a piano, and sometimes a singer or two. There is no specific rhythm section – no drums or other percussion instruments. An orquesta típica is an expanded version of a sexteto tipico, which includes 2 bandoneons, 2 violins, double bass, and piano.

I call any band that plays tango, no matter what the instrumentation, an orquesta. Not entirely accurate but it simplifies things.

Milonga came before tango and its characteristic rhythm was, and is, the Cuban habanera. Early tango's rhythm was based on the habanera also. Soon other syncopated patterns dominated. The 1st variation, the "syncopa" is the most commonly heard syncopated rhythm in tango music. All three versions are used in milonga.

Habanera Variations describes the syncopation and relationship between these patterns.

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