Visualization of El Adiós Sheet Music

Another “Visualization”, this time El Adiós.

Created using Stephen Malinowski’s 2006 Music Animation Machine software. This old version produces an animation which is very, very basic compared to the visualizations Malinowski is producing now. The result is interesting, and worth watching. But these are nowhere near the beautiful and detailed visualization seen in Malinowski’s current work. Not to mention, of course, the music is a simplified piano score and not the music as played, in this case, by Edgardo Donato. Melodic direction and duration will be mostly correct; the accompaniment much less so. Nevertheless, it is interesting to hear and “see” the sounds.

I syncd the sheet music with Edgardo Donato’s recording, here, with some commentary.

The video follows the form as recorded by Donato: A-B-C-A-B-C-A. Click anywhere in the window to stop/pause it. (The video is a screen capture: the menu items are images only, not active.)

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