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Flores negras, Julio De Caro (1927)

Flores negras (Black Flowers) was writen by Julio De Caro’s brother, Francisco, who played piano and composed many of the pieces for the De Caro , organized as a sextet for many years. The musicans were some of the very … Continue reading

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Al compás del corazón Music/Audio Sync, Caló/Berón (1942)

I provided the unedited sheet music and some Youtube performances previously. Even if you do not read music, following the orange bar as it moves through the score is worthwhile. The s and s – 8 and 4 bar – … Continue reading

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Valsecito Amigo, Aníbal Troilo (1943)

I posted the first milonga sync on the blog a few days ago. I think it’s time for the first vals. Vals is the lyrical member of the tango family and the only one in “3”; always in 3/4 . … Continue reading

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Milonga de mis amores, Pedro Laurenz (1944)

This is the first milonga I’ve syncd with the music. Milonga de mis amores is one of my favourites. It was written by Pedro Laurenz in 1937 and has been recorded by several s, including Francisco Canaro and Juan D’Arienzo. … Continue reading

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Malena Music/Audio Sync, Lucio Demare (1942)

Malena was composed by Lucio Demare, on a poem by Homero Manzi, in 1941. It’s been frequently recorded, and re-issued. Tango.info has a list, here. Demare recorded two somewhat different vocal versions, the first in 1942 with Juan Carlos Miranda, … Continue reading

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El adiós Music/Audio Sync, Edgardo Donato (1938)

El adiós was written by Maruja Pacheco Huergo in 1938. (María Esther Pacheco Huergo. Read about her at Todo Tango.) Virgilio San Clemente wrote the lyrics. The (very, very blurry) piano music came from Todo Tango. As usual, I entered … Continue reading

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Bahia Blanca Music/Audio Sync, Osvaldo Fresedo (1961)

Osvaldo Fresedo (1897-1984) had a long career, starting as a bandoneonist in the 1910s. During the 1920-early 30s he led a sextet then a larger ensemble from the early 1930s through the late 1960s. There are several “Fresedos”. The later … Continue reading

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El Choclo Music/Audio Sync, Carlos Di Sarli (1954)

Di Sarli recorded El Choclo in 1954. His interpretation is lush, with beautiful , skillfully contrasting bandoenons and strings. And the piano, played by Di Sarli, has the melody in Section C, bar 49. Di Sarli’s interpretation sharply contrasts D’Arienzo’s. … Continue reading

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El Choclo Music/Audio Sync, Juan D’Arienzo (1954)

Juan D’Arienzo recorded El Choclo four times, in 1937, 1948, 1954, and 1963. I think just maybe he liked it! The recording syncd. below is the 1954 version. He does a lot that is not on the page. That’s an … Continue reading

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El Choclo Music/Audio Sync, Juan Maglio “Pacho” (mid 1910s)

According to Todo Tango, El Choclo was written by Ángel Villoldo, probably in 1898, and was premiered by José Luis Roncallo in 1903. El Choclo has been a standard ever since. I believe it has been arranged and recorded by … Continue reading

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Bahia Blanca Music/Audio Sync.

I’ve now synchronized Di Sarli’s entire recording of Bahia Blanca with the sheet music. The form as played is A-B-A-B-A. The piano music from Todo Tango is A-B-A, with a straight repeat of section A. The piano music fairly accurately … Continue reading

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