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Melodic Rhythm: Repetition in Demare’s “Malena”

(Some of the material in this post was first used in a rhythmic excercise, here. And I wrote a bit about Malena and the form, and there’s a translation. Here.) Repetition is a technique musicians use to create predictability, coherence, … Continue reading

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Melodic Rhythm: Contrast in Canaro’s “Quiero verte una vez más”

Your browser does not support the audio element. In Melody: The Shape Canaro’s song “Quiero verte una vez más” was used to examine ways in which the shape melodies take helps create musical character. I’ll now look at the same … Continue reading

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Melody: Its Rhythm, Part I (A Rhythmic Exercise)

This post is the second in a series on elements of , this time focusing on melodic rhythm. The first post covered some aspects of melodic shape, using Section B of Canaro’s song, “Quiero verte una vez más”, as an … Continue reading

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