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A syncopated rhythmic pattern used in the Cuban Habanera dance which became the underlying pulse of milonga and early tango. There are a few versions used in tango: The 1st variation is the most commonly heard syncopated rhythm in tango … Continue reading

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Tango Time Signatures and The Beat

(There are many music and audio clips on this page. It might take a moment to completely load on your platform. And if that platform is iOS then some won’t load at all. My apologies but that’s an unfortunate problem … Continue reading

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The Habanera Rhythm

The Habanera and Its Variations The habanera rhythm and a couple of closely related variations are quintessential tango s: How the variations are musicaly derived from the original habanera, and where the syncopations occur in each form, is explained in … Continue reading

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Syncopation & Tango Rhythms

Syncopation is a distinguishing feature of tango music, and as listeners and dancers we need to have a good understanding about what it is, especially what it sounds like. An elaborate musicological definition isn’t required; a simple one as it … Continue reading

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