El Choclo Music/Audio Sync, Roberto Firpo (1940)

Continuing with my El Choclo syncs, next up is Roberto Firpo (1884-1969). Firpo recorded El Choclo in 1940. His style belongs to earlier times, the Guardia Vieja, pre-1930 thereabouts. Which suits El Choclo just fine, since it is a typical Guardia Vieja composition.

Firpo orders the s A-B-C-A-B-C-A. There isn’t a term for this particular . Firpo plays three distinctly different sections then repeats the pattern, before concluding with the first one.

Firpo 1940:
Audio only

Sections are the top level element of music's form. They are the the large building blocks of tango music, typically lasting around thirty seconds or so. Each section is a unique segment of music, having a distinct musical character.

Tango music has two, occasionally three, primary sections, which we may label  “A”, “B”, “C”. Sometimes there is an "Introduction", "Bridge", a short section between two larger ones, or "Coda", a short concluding section.

Usually each section will be played consecutively in order (A then B then C), followed by various other orderings. Typically in tango songs each section is played instrumentally then each is sung, then section A is played instrumentally: A-B-A (vocal)-B (vocal)-A. But there are many exceptions and other possibilities.

Phrases exist within a section.

How the music is organized, structured; the number of sections and the way they  are constructed, the number of bars and phrases in each, and the order they are performed. more...

Composers/arrangers make a very conscious decision regarding form. The order sections are heard greatly effects our sensations and responses as listeners and dancers.

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