Like any other human endeavor music is full of jargon. A musical analysis necessarily has to contain musical terms. Each music term has specific definition, although when learning them at first it may not seem so. When terms are understood there is a basis for discussion and communication.

So I’ve written up some definitions, and will provide pop-ups or links to them when they appear in the posts. The definitions are informal and tailored to discussing tango music. More detailed definitions are to be found in Wikipedia and musicological dictionaries and encyclopedias: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, Harvard Dictionary of Music, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Defining musical terms is often circular: it’s hard to define one without mentioning one or two others. When I do there will be links to them. I’ve tried to keep the definitions user-friendly. Hopefully even those with no musical training will understand them with little effort. For each term the first sentence or two is enough to get a basic understanding, the rest is elaboration.

I’ll add definitions as needed. When I introduce new terms in a post I’ll add definitions too.

Eventually there will more content in the definitions; some music and audio to get the concepts across better. Music needs to be heard to be understood. No amount of talking or writing about it is really good enough.

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