Software Requirements

Browser and Software Requirements
A javascript enabled browser is required. The site has numerous music examples and scores synchronized to audio files. The software, Noteflight, uses Adobe Flash. Apple’s iOS devices do not support Flash.

My browser of choice is Chrome. It has the broadest support for the pop-up definitions plugin I use, audio files, images, and documents – embedded scores and pdfs. And it displays the embeds better, which is important when I link a recording to the sheet music. Other browsers may have some file compatibility issues.

Smart Phones and Tablets
Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) do not support Adobe Flash. Never have, never will. I can embed a score two ways. One of them will not work in iOS at all. It won’t even be visible. The other is a direct connection to my hosting site. Those scores will be visible and play, but not the audio file synchronized with them. Users will hear a synthesized piano instead. Noteflight has an HTML5 version in the works. HTML5 is browser/OS independent. And Adobe Flash will no longer be required.

Android devices appear hit and miss. When they work the music examples and synchronizations are visible and will play.

Smart phones and tablets are not yet powerful enough to adequately handle some of the pages, even with a Wi-Fi connection. Android will generally work but will be painfully slow when loading and playing back music/audio syncs.

Addendum, June 24, 2013. Audio clips should now be working in all browsers and environments, except maybe Apple iOS devices. Please contact me or leave a comment if you are having problems. Thanks.

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