Bahia Blanca, Synthesized Piano vs. Di Sarli

I thought it would be fun to listen to the synthesized piano that Noteflight creates from the notes, compared to Di Sarli’s recording. The sheet music came from Todo Tango and I simply entered it into Noteflight. In this case the piano music closely follows Di Sarli’s arrangement. That could be because Di Sarli wrote the music or perhaps even made the piano version for publication, he was a pianist – I don’t know.

My point is that sometimes the piano sheet music can be very accurate.

The piano:

Di Sarli music/audio sync. Only the first time through sections A and B is syncd, up to bar 32. A fully syncd version is here.

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  1. Jantango says:

    It’s a rich composition in the synthesized version. Di Sarli wrote a masterpiece. I understand that he never allowed anyone to film him at the piano, and none of his arrangements were notated while he performed with his orchestra. He expected his musicians to memorize everything, and they rehearsed every day.

    The Noteflight program is wonderful.

    • tangomonkey says:

      That’s interesting. He probably wasn’t the only one to closely guard his arrangements. I wonder who did the piano music…

      • Nadia Tavakoli says:

        The answer to who did the arrangement for the piano music: An unknown someone employed by Recordi, the printing company of sheet music.

  2. Jantango says:

    Guillermo Durante, pianist, has recreated the style of Di Sarli leading Orquesta Tipica Gente de tango.

    Thanks to the efforts of Enrique Seone (bandoneonista and arranger), complete scores of many Di Sarli compositions and recordings were notated and available to young musicians for study.

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