Bahia Blanca Music/Audio Sync.

I’ve now synchronized Di Sarli’s entire recording of Bahia Blanca with the sheet music. The form as played is A-B-A-B-A. The piano music from Todo Tango is A-B-A, with a straight repeat of section A. The piano music fairly accurately follows Di Sarli’s first playing of sections A and B. The repeats, somewhat less. His B sections have more variability than the A sections. Di Sarli does not play them the same way – that would be boring – and he is never that. It’s interesting to follow the music while hearing Di Sarli do things not in the piano music, adding a violin counter melody for example. It’s a good way to study his interpretation, following what’s on the page and observing how his creatively develops the basic score. Very interesting and informative!

If you experience problems viewing and/or listening please read this .

(Most of the following comments regarding Noteflight and playback options apply to computer users, not mobile devices. For mobile users, simply tap the play arrow near the top left corner, which then becomes a square. Tap that to stop playback.)

I used Noteflight to sync the score and audio. Noteflight has some nice features. On a mouse-over the bar numbers popup and users can click on any bar to start the playback from there. To listen to Section B, for example, click on bar 17 then the arrow.

The following link displays the score on Noteflight’s web site. The “View” menu is active and “Full Screen” is available. I close the “synchronized audio/video” window then click the play icon in the bottom left corner.

Synchronized Bahia Blanca

Here’s an embedded version of the above link. Needs some formatting and cleaning up, but overall looks very promising. I suggest closing the “synchronized audio/video” window, if visible. If the music overflows the window, adjust the zoom slider to decrease down to 90-95%. Then click the play icon in the bottom left corner. If Noteflight’s menu is active the music can be viewed full screen, under “View”/”Full Screen”. The zoom slider is available in full screen mode too.


An orquesta típica is an ensemble of musicians who play tango music. Typically,  there is a string section, a bandoeon section, a piano, and sometimes a singer or two. There is no specific rhythm section – no drums or other percussion instruments. An orquesta típica is an expanded version of a sexteto tipico, which includes 2 bandoneons, 2 violins, double bass, and piano.

I call any band that plays tango, no matter what the instrumentation, an orquesta. Not entirely accurate but it simplifies things.

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  1. Jantango says:

    It worked like a charm. I waited a couple minutes for the download and reduced the page to 90% as you suggested. Then I pressed the red arrow and voila! The red arrow moved along the score with the recording. I can read it without the indicator. I didn’t know this kind of music program existed.

    I’m excited about what you are creating on this blog for tango lovers to learn more about the music they love so much. Understanding tango music will enrich us all.

  2. Very nicely done. Bravo.

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